Dependable In-Home Care

Sometimes a helping hand is all an elderly or disabled individual needs to keep living at home. That’s where Liberty Home Health Care LLC comes in. You can rely on us to provide a full range of in-home care services for people facing mobility challenges and other obstacles.

Our Mission Statement

Our mission is “to provide our community with excellent home health care in an efficient, compassionate, and respectful manner.”

We’re a locally owned and operated business and a government-funded provider of care, so you don’t have to worry about getting lost in a bureaucratic mess of red tape and paperwork. We’ll help you through it.

Personalized care from a caregiver of your choice

You always get a caregiver who meets your approval when you work with us. We believe that you get the best care when you and your caregiver get along well, so you can approve or disapprove your caregiver after your first meeting.

Convenient 24-Hour Service

You can count on our professional services around the clock. You can arrange as much or as little care as you need, including 24-hour care.

Services may be packaged simultaneously.

A full range of care options

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“Very pleased about the agency and the care that I receive from Liberty, very pleased with my aide.”

— Mr. Shackleford